Oskuro Vs Ms. Vertigo - ART WAR 3

This was supposed to be my entry for last year Cubebrush's ArtWar3 Challenge. I didn't finish it on time, but that didn't stopped me from finishing it. Oskuro is an ethereal creature that feeds from people's fears, phobias, and traumas. It transforms its ethereal body into whatever its opponent fears; grows stronger, and at the end devours/absorbs the prey.

Ms. Vertigo is a martial artist heroine with the superpower to make her enemies lose balance. Her suit helps her superpower to be more effective. She just happened to encounter an enemy immune to her power and skills.

Oskuro's weaknesses are fire, ripped the clothes it is possessing, and once it's strong enough to survive without clothes, mirrors and strong fire are it's strongest weaknesses. There is more lore I thought about this character but for now this is enough.

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustrationfinal

Final Image

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustrationfinal

Final Image w/ logo

Oscar guerrero artwar3conceptartsheet

Concept Sheet

Oscar guerrero artwar3conceptartsheetcolorvariations

Color Variations

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2

Gif 01

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2 02

Gif 02

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustrationfinal

Gif 03

Oscar guerrero 00

Rough Sketch

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2 01


Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2 03

Capture 01

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2 06

Capture 02

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2 08

Capture 03

Oscar guerrero artwar3illustration2 09

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