Environment: Finding Lady Liberty

This is a concept exploration of a personal project I have in mind. In this world both Earth and another world overlapped causing every architecture, natural sites, ruin, cities, etc... to change their original places. In this case the statue of liberty was inside a frozen cave. I haven't thought much about this project but there is some stuff I'm sure about.

There is magic, and there is no game system involved (identification, appraisal, evaluation, or active/passive skills) I want this project to be a bit grounded to reality.

Oscar guerrero art363c oguerrero pr1 redo

Close Up

Oscar guerrero art363c oguerrero pr1

Final Image

Oscar guerrero oscarguerrero findingladyliberty

Concept 01

Oscar guerrero sketches01

Some of my first thumbnails

Oscar guerrero sketches02

I chose 4 of most interesting thumbs

Oscar guerrero sketches03

From every comp I wrote down some keywords, and practice some perspective

Oscar guerrero sketches04

Thumbnail 01 - Swamp City

Oscar guerrero sketches05

Thumbnail 02 - Lava Cocoon

Oscar guerrero sketches06

Thumbnail 03 - Underwater Ruins

Oscar guerrero sketches07

Thumbnail 04 - Frozen Statue of Liberty

Oscar guerrero sketches08

Chosen Thumbnail (Version 02)

Oscar guerrero process

Process GIF