Magician's Valkyria - YuGiOh Card Redesign

I'm part of a community for Spanish speakers called "Arte Amino" (There is also one in English) and I started posting my artworks. Then one day I did a challenge were they were supposed to redesign a card from the YuGiOh! card game or anime. The 1st prize was the redesign of a card of the winner's choice in my style. It took a while but the winner finally chose the card "Magician's Valkyria" and this is the result after 3 week of work.

Oscar guerrero oscarguerrero valkyriawallpaper

Final Artwork

Oscar guerrero valkyria ideas123

Rough Sketches

Oscar guerrero valkyria sketch

WIP 01 - flat values

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip01

WIP 02 - painting w/ values

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip02

WIP 03 - fixining values

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip06

WIP 04 - flat colors

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip08

close up 01

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip09

close up 02

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip10

close up 03

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip07

close up 04

Oscar guerrero valkyriawip11


Oscar guerrero oscarguerrero valkyriacard

Photoshoped Card (Español)