Prehistoric Necromancer

I planned to create a concept for Mermay 2018, further develop that concept and design a character with the ultimate goal of creating an illustration. Due to various reasons I couldn't finish on time. Now that I have the time, I continued the project. If you're interested in the character design stage visit my profile and you'll find it under the "Character Design Tab".

Prompt list/guidelines:
- Class: Necromancer
- Distinguishing Elements: Glowing Shapes/Patterns
- Species: Merpeople
- Genre: Fantasy
- Motif: Curve
- Time: Prehistoric
- Gender: Male

Oscar guerrero mermay18characterdesign03

Rendered Concept w/ Reference

Oscar guerrero mermay18conceptart04

Chosen Concept Sketch

Oscar guerrero mermay18conceptart02

Iteration bodies and heads

Oscar guerrero mermay18conceptart03

Head Concepts

Oscar guerrero mermay18conceptart05

Full Concept Sheet