Prehistoric Necromancer

Well, I finally finished this personal project. I planned to do this for MerMay 2018, BUT... life happened and I could finish it on time. Then, I got lazy and got distracted with other projects/illustrations/characters. One day I saw a video on YT, I think, where, if I'm not wrong, Clint Cearley said that the difference between a PRO and an Amateur is that PROS finish their projects and Amateurs don't. That comment resonated with me and I could not agree more, so I decided to go back and finish this Illustration.

I you want to see the Concept Art and Character Design stages you can find them in my profile.

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinalblur

Final w/ Blur

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinal

Final w/o Blur

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinalbw

Final BW

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinalcroped

Final Cropped

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinaldetail01

Final Details 01

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinaldetail02

Final Details 02

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationfinaldetail03

Final Details 03

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationsketches


Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationthumbs


Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationsteps01

Lighting Comp

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationsteps02

Values Comp

Oscar guerrero mermay18illustrationgif